Sidebar apps

Andriod / Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

Hey guys sharon here today iam gonna share about an app which help you to multitask apps in a single phone Sidebar is an app that lets you establish a convenient drop-down sidebar in your Android smartphone. By default, the sidebar will appear on the left side of the screen but you can also place it to the right if you prefer also this app offers lota of features


Sidebar also lets you modify the size of the area where you’ll use the drop-down feature of the bar, as well as its thickness. Once you’ve got the bar you can customize it, of course. Add all the apps you want, turn the WiFi on or off, and many other features this app is totally free to use also there is no in app purchases too

Sidebar is a really simple and light app that lets you customize your Android smartphone however you’d like. The sidebar may not be very useful for certain smartphones but it could be incredibly useful for tablets or bigger smartphones also the app is completely optimized for android tablets and android mobiles

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