Secret vault and app hider in a single app

Andriod / Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

Hey today i am gonna share about an app which helps to hide your apps videos and images etc. this app is very useful to protect our privacy from others who use our mobile

This app has many interesting features we can use this app as a phone dialer with a secret key if we dial and call to this secret key our app vault will be opened otherwise it can be used for call to so nobody can find it that it is a vault

This app also supports app hiding to our apps can also be hided inside this app today all of the app supports probably gallery vault but here this app supports the hiding of apps to

Backup feature is enabled in the app so our valuable documents can backed up to cloud to prevent the deleting of file so out documents images and videos are totally protected in this app the app didn’t have ads so its totally easy to use and the app is completely optimized for mobilephone

The app offers lots of lock screen like we can change the dialer theme to calculator theme if we enter code in that calculator our vault will opens this app didn’t requires the phone to be rooted so our phone is completely safe here also this app has hidden camera option to take private photos

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