Recover whatsapp deleted messages and media files

Andriod / Monday, November 25th, 2019

Hey today i am gonna share about an app named GET DELETED MESSAGES which help us to recover all the deleted message on whatsapp sent by the senter

These app hass totally free to use also there is no in app purchase the app didnt contains any ads so it is easy to use and totally optimised for mobile phones


Today there are lots of thirdparty whatsapp named gbwhatsapp whatsapp plus are available at google which has these recovery options but by using this app our privacy wil be leaked by the developers of that types of app

So this is the best way to recover the deleted messages on whatspp by the the senter without installing that suspicious thridparty whatsapp this app is totally userfriendly and easy to use

These app also support whatsapp media recovery to even the guy who deleted images videos or documents can also be recovered in a fraction of time by using this app also this app is completely safe to use all our privacy is safe and protected here


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