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Andriod / Thursday, January 9th, 2020

Hey guys sharon here today i am gonna share about an app which helps you to lock and hide all the types of apps like SMS lock, Whatsapp lock, Facebook lock, LINE lock, Snapchat lock, Instagram lock,WeChat lock and other chat applications. Protect your information from being seen from others


◾ Private App Lock has a variety of functions such as graphics, PIN, time password, fingerprint, random keyboard, etc. to make passwords more secure and away from others
◾ Lower memory footprint, Chat privacy lock is less than 5M, more memory and space saving than any other popular applications

Chat private lock can solve all your major problems like

◾ Girlfriend always has a strong urge to see your phone?
◾ At a party, a colleague or friend is looking for you to borrow a mobile phone, and the privacy of your mobile phone chat does not want to be seen?
◾ A child from a relative ’s house wants you to play with a mobile phone. He is worried that your mobile phone will be used to send text messages and buy games?
◾ Worried of your parents check your Facebook, Snapchat and SMS?

This app can solve all of these silly problems

This app is completely free to use and there is no in app purchases also this app didnt contains any types of unwanted pop ups and ads so very easy to use and userfriendly too

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