How to see instagram profile picture in full size without mod apps

Others / Saturday, April 20th, 2019

Hey sharon here today i am gonna share you the trick that how to see full size instagram profile picture today lots of apps are available to see it like og instagram it will hack your account or instagram will ban your account by using this tyoes of third party apps today i will show u the trick to get full size image with out any apps so follow my steps ; )


1.Go to the account of user you need to see the full size pro pic

2.Click on 3 dots seems at the topright of instagram

3.Then click on copy profile url

4.After that navigate to google chrome or any other browser you have

5.Paste the copied url at the link bar of browser

6.It will redirects to the users profile

7.Then tap/click and hold the profile picture

8.Then a menu will popup

9.Click on open image in new tab

10.Then u can see the image in full size

Another Easy Step

1.Open Browser

2.Navigate to this link by clicking here

3.Enter the user name of users account

4.Download the image


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