Get all the call details of a specified number in 30 sec

Andriod / Sunday, November 24th, 2019

Hey guys today i am gonna share about an app which helps us to take the call list or call details of any number and save as a PDF format to our mobile memory


No problem the the number is international or indian or any other types we can take all the history and logs at a single click in a fraction of time

The app is completely free to use also no app in purchases the app didnt contain ads so it is very easy to use also our privacy is completely safe here all our call logs are completely safe without tracing others

The app has a lots of filtering options we can take the logs of our lifetime complete calls in the mobile or can take by giving a specified date of calls by using the filter options also messages are also supported we can take the complete logs of messages also can know the maximum time we spent in a call and maximum time we spent in call for a specified number to

Click here to download


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