Free US number without sim card

Andriod / Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

Hey guys today i am gonna share about a new app which helps you to take new us phone numbers for calling without any sim card and money its totally free to use

The app has lots of us number we can choose our number from it also its a temporary number we can take it for our permanent number to also these number will work same as the usual sim card we can get otp messages calls etc,

Some calls are paid except that all the call are free also same as messages to are also free we can create whatsapp, telegram, facebook and lots of major applications using this mobile number

The app is free to use for a temporary number and it is paid to get the permanent number and also for call the app is free to install but in app purchase are available in the app the app didnt have ads so its totally easy to use and completely optimized for mobiles and tablets

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