Duplicate Contact Remover – Contact merge tool

Andriod / Wednesday, December 25th, 2019

Hey guys sharon here today i am gonna share about an app we all face problems when we buy a new phone or migrating from one account to another social media account because all the social media has syncing functionality. This functionality stores your all contacts in to their social cloud for example Whatsaap, Facebook etc.

Contacts backup and Contacts transfer can store and saved as .vcf, .csv and .text for your future reference. In addition, these backup file can be shared via storage files

You can take backup of your contacts from SIM card or any other social media accounts which are linked to your mobile separately and individually.

When you migrate to new phone or new account for that matter then these social media fetch all your contacts one by one. As a result your have possibly four to five times the same number, which makes hard to delete oe by one.

Duplicate contact remover is a simple app to deal with your Duplicate Contacts Removal Problems and Best Contact Merger.

We treat contacts as foremost priority hence we stored the deleted duplicate contacts in .vcf file so that it can be recovered later.

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